Where'd Your Motivation Go?

3 Reasons Women in Tech, STEM and Other High Pressure Careers Lose their Drive and How You Can Overcome It

How to make the switch from 1:1 to Group Coaching -- Without Losing Any Clients

This Mini Guide Does 3 Things:

  1. Dispel myths. Empower yourself by debunking 10 myths that hinder high achieving women, giving you the knowledge to defy stereotypes and propel your career forward.

  2. Create Clarity. Take control of your motivation with actionable insights, so you can navigate your self development journey with confidence.

  3. Self-assessment quiz. Pinpoint the causes of your demotivation and receive guidance toward sustainable success without burning out.

In this FREE PDF, I’ll show you the keys to reignite your passion and drive.

Hey there,

I'm Marna Schwartz, a Leadership Development Coach and Health Consultant with over two decades of experience in personal development. People often ask me how I got started in this transformational work, and the answer lies in my own journey. I battled severe burnout, enduring demotivation and chronic pain that left me a mere shell of myself. It took years to assemble the tools for my own long-term healing, forming the foundation for the comprehensive step-by-step system I now offer my clients.

A graduate in Cognitive Science from Binghamton University, I've continued my education as a Teachers College at Columbia University certified Holistic Health Coach and Kripalu Institute for Yoga & Wellness trained instructor.

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After successfully running a boutique on-site service for Silicon Valley's elite, I now work globally, supporting individuals and companies on their journeys to better health, enhanced communication skills, and greater success. My Beyond Burnout Program, corporate trainings, and private coaching sessions blend expertise in both mind and body, empowering high achievers to thrive in the face of life's challenges. Let's embark on a transformative journey together. Download your FREE mini guide now! ☝️

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